Wednesday, January 27, 2021

All bills are due the last working day of the month.

Our office now accepts the following payment options:


 Office Payment Options


Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Card:  Payment can be made with cash, check or debit/credit card directly to this office.


Online Payment Options


Credit/Debit Cards or Electronic Check:  Payment can be made with a credit/debit card or electronic check through the state's eGovernment service provider:

The total amount of your transaction will reflect pricing through the electronic payment processor.


Cost for Electronic Check is $1.50 and the fee for Credit/Debit is 2.5% of total.


Residential: $16.50
Business: $24.75
Outside City limits: $82.50
Industrial: $33.00



$22.00 per 1000 Units.
$2.50 for the next 10,000 Units. 
$4.00 for any above 10,000 Units.

Outside City limits:
$27.50 per 1000 Units.
$3.00 per next 10,000 units.

$5.00 per next 1,000,000 units.

The minimum usages per month in 1 unit = 1000.


These Rates will flucuate each month, depending on the Cost of Gas Purchased.

The minimum usage is 2 units/2000.


Residential: 1 Trash Can - $15.50; 2 Trash Cans - $19.50

Business: 1 Container - $18.50; 2 Containers - $22.50

This will be billed on your City Utility Bill. There is no Charge for Recycling. Trash day is every Monday and Recycling is every other Monday. Look on your utility bill for the days or check out the calendar.

Nisly Brothers Trash Service
5212 S. Herren Rd.
Hutchinson, KS 67501